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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC,                197

my life ; they would not object to it.    Hautefort

have it, qufil est question de moi pour la paix.

I dined yesterday at Prince Corsini's with
Caxaccioli and Denon, who now excels in en-
graving beasts.

An embargo is said to be laid at Calais for
all Germinal (from March 2ist to April igth) lest
anything should transpire respecting the elections,
vvliich promise to be as quiet as those for Old
S strum. I write this by way of Hamburgh. With
regard to the books Mr. Eure wishes me to send
iilm, I understand divinity is contraband.

How can B. know anything about the time
of my staying here ? Surely our people would
not recall me upon my arranging the cartel; for
other prisoners will be taken, and must be looked
after, were there no other reason. I should appre-
hend the folks here are more likely to pack me
off a la Kcenig. But even that I doubt; for I
ostnnot but think that peace must be desirable
after the elections.

March 25th, 1797-

I wrote two days ago by Hamburgh, and
begin this without knowing how it is to go. The
minister of marine means to ask an indulgence